Wednesday, September 5, 2012


There are two things I love in life (beside my husband).  Shopping and Madonna .
  Of course  when  I was  15, I spent  my  babysitting  money on her first LP  "Madonna" and on dozens of rubber bangles. I vowed I would  be  a material girl!

Fast forward three decades later, I am a self-proclaimed  fashionista with a closet full of  "material things."  Several months ago when Madonna tickets went on sale , I was determined to get them .
And I did.  So this Thursday, September 6 , 2012 , I will be one of thousands of fans watching The Material Girl  aka  Her Madgesty, perform at Yankee Stadium. click to hear new album if you LUV MDNA

 What I did not realize  however  is that  Sept 6th, is also Fashions Night Out. Why did I not research this ? Hindsight is 20-20. What to do? click to see if what I may be missing at fashions night out.

  Studies have shown that people ultimately value "experiences" rather than material "things"  click for study. Contemplating my overstuffed  closet, the hours spent obtaining tickets and looking forward to the concert, I decided to forgo the crowds and the temptation to spend money on Fashions Night Out and go to Yankee Stadium instead.

This material girl is hanging  up her fashionista uniform and is going to enjoy a night of fun that  I  already paid for. The Material world will still be there when I get back!

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