Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Tanked

So the lazy hazy days of summer turned me into a very lazy blogger. Actually I haven't been lazy at all, I've been working like a dog and been busy moving. If you are like me and are a shopaholic you probably have a lot of clothes. Moving my clothes was not an easy task. When my husband told me I had to empty my dresser in order for it to be moved, I panicked. But it was now or never. so I started going through my crammed drawers.
I first attacked my tank top drawer . "You have a tank top drawer???" my husband exclaimed. Doesn't everyone?
I have a lot of tanks. Almost too many to count. Cotton tanks, ribbed tanks, concert tanks, workout tanks, sleep tanks in a rainbow of colors.
Why so many tanks? Well like most woman I often focus on my bodily flaws. I don't love my hips or butt. My thighs could use some help. But I will say I have pretty great arms. My sister used to say I had Madonna arms. (that's the ultimate compliment to compare one material girl to another)!
A personal trainer once told me she wished she had my biceps.
If you got it flaunt It. And I guess I did, by buying a ton of tank tops. Tiedye tanks, nautical, monochromatic, my favorite? An edgy blank tank emblazoned with NYC across the chest.
How many tanks do I own? I counted 86. 86 tank tops. Not counting
silk tanks, sequined tanks or camisoles.That's like wearing a different tank every day for almost four months. Too bad summer is only three months.
Do I wear all of the them? Of corse not!
The funny thing is I can't part with most of them. I threw out some ratty ones.I won't be buying any more for maybe 86 months. The best thing? I can almost close my drawer now. Tank God for that!

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