Saturday, September 28, 2013

Transitional Subway Style

I hate transitions. When seasons change faster than I can rotate my wardrobe I'm thrown for a loop. 50 degrees in the morning yet 78 degrees in the afternoon? Flip flops or boots? Wool or linen? White or Black?  Perhaps September is the cruelest month? Deciding what to wear each morning during a transitional month makes me late for work. So I took cues from my fellow subway riders for some ideas. What I love is that a person wearing a $300 shirt rides next to the person wearing $10 shoes . And it all works! Only in New York!

What color to wear? Purple and orange are great for fall! White laces for summer, grey for fall! I thought this was nuts or she was colorblind. But glad to see someone on the subway as equally indecisive as I am!

ORANGE! The perfect transitional bag color into fall. I think I counted 10 orange bags on one subway ride!
 Bye bye straw tote!


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Got shoes?

If you know know I love shoes!
I haven't bought a pair for a while (not since my boot shopping spree in the fall). Flip flops are not shoes right? I'm someone who likes to try on shoes, but sometimes great deals can be had on Zappos, Jildor and Piperlime. A running joke with my doorman is I always ask him If I got shoes in the mail package
room. "You got shoes alright! Iss-
So I admit I got issues.., with shoes!
Hence I couldn't help falling in love with this cute whimsical print from J Crew... of what else shoes! How old is too old to wear cute prints? I say If the shoe print fits.. wear it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Chasing the Blues Away!

It's been a long dreary winter. Spring arrived on March 20th along with rain and snow. I'm tired of winter and my black and grey wardrobe. I have yet to shop for spring clothes let alone do a spring cleaning of my closet. How did I chase the winter blues away?
The first harbinger of spring is the crocus and the robin. So I decided to follow the popular trend and painted my nails robin egg blue. Or is it Tiffany blue? Maybe it's the color of the Caribbean sky I miss?
My friend's 5 year old said it was " off the hook." My husband asked " when's home room?" My best friend wondered if my corporate day job will send me home.
Maybe I'm crazy? Or maybe I just hate winter!
Only if it wasn't OPI gel. My nails will be blue for two weeks! Happy Spring!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fashionista Office Supplies

I love shopping but not for office supplies. Boring right? So I thought until my trip to Staples today!
If you accessorize your wardrobe why not your desk? I found a shoe tape dispenser, a handbag post-it holder, and a compact post-it dispenser! Oh what fun! Maybe I will even look forward to my day job!
shoe tape dispenser

compact post it holder!

purse post it dispenser

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ooh Baby Baby

 Ooh Baby  Baby!

shopping for baby clothes!  

I said it once, but will say it again, I'm a bad blogger. A busy day job, a new apartment, social obligations (travel, holidays, weddings) left me with little blogging time. My goal in 2013 (aside from decreasing debt and curtailing shopaholic habits) is to be a better blogger. This bad blogger  forgot to mention I have a new baby niece Julia. She is beyond precious. And I discovered buying baby clothes is more fun than buying grown up clothes! Almost addictive, and not cheap! But my niece does her fashionista aunt proud with a wardrobe I wish I  could wear. This fall wardrobe courtesy of Baby Gap and Aunt Nicole's Visa! Thank heaven for little girls!
pink heart  sweater
match striped pants
a denim jumper. layer a onesie under!
mini skirt, hard to get on and off, but super cute!

baby booties for  cuties! faux Uggs=love!