Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ooh Baby Baby

 Ooh Baby  Baby!

shopping for baby clothes!  

I said it once, but will say it again, I'm a bad blogger. A busy day job, a new apartment, social obligations (travel, holidays, weddings) left me with little blogging time. My goal in 2013 (aside from decreasing debt and curtailing shopaholic habits) is to be a better blogger. This bad blogger  forgot to mention I have a new baby niece Julia. She is beyond precious. And I discovered buying baby clothes is more fun than buying grown up clothes! Almost addictive, and not cheap! But my niece does her fashionista aunt proud with a wardrobe I wish I  could wear. This fall wardrobe courtesy of Baby Gap and Aunt Nicole's Visa! Thank heaven for little girls!
pink heart  sweater
match striped pants
a denim jumper. layer a onesie under!
mini skirt, hard to get on and off, but super cute!

baby booties for  cuties! faux Uggs=love!

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