Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sample sale mania! Again!

Tis the season. For sample sales. I've been staying away. Still recovering from JCrew spring sale that took YEARS off my life!
That being said I'm on a jewelry kick lately. My former favorite designer Alexis Bittar (a he, by the way) let me down the past few seasons.
A friend bought me earrings a few years ago for a milestone bday and I was addicted. But during the following few seasons I lost interest.
Then come this fall, I fell in love with two pairs of earrings at Bloomingdales and bought them both.
Today I learned Alexis Bittar ( had a sample sale and ran down to Chelsea to see what I could score. 30 minutes to push and shove and pile gold and silver gems onto my tray. The prices were discounted but still pricey. $290 later I had a gold link necklace, turquoise and crystal earrings and gold link drop gemstone earrings. What gemstone you ask? I have no clue! But I have some cool discounted designer gems and had male sample sale worker tell me how fabulous my earrings were. Bring cash,fortitude, your own mirror (they have none) and a hot cup of Starbucks to splash on your competitors as there are many "one of a kind pieces"you won't want anyone else to take!

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