Monday, December 12, 2011

Very odd gifts for the ones who have everything

Happy Holidays! This is my first mobile blog post, I do apologize in advance for the formatting or lack thereof. I have gotten positive feedback on my blog with the caveat I don't post frequently enough. Hence the Blogger app! Hail the iPhone!

So I started my holiday shopping. Start is the operative word. The challenge a shopaholic faces while Christmas shopping is that during the process of searching for the perfect gift for your sister, best friend,etc it is inevitable that you find the perfect item for,yep, yourself .
On my list: Italian boots, 2 Milly dresses , 2 Trina Turk outfits . And that was just for me! It's hard to shop for other people because if you like to shop, you put a lot of thought into your purchases. But in my trials and travails of holiday shopping this is some odd stuff I found:

For the pampered pet:
What do you do when you can't keep Fido or Fluffy off your beautiful
new sofa? Don't let what happened to me happen to you. Our kitty turned our brand new Mitchell Gold Sofa into a four thousand dollar scratching post! The solution is simple:
A leather couch for your pet! I saw this at Home Goods.(click here for more ideas) For the pet that deserves the ultimate in luxury!

The next gift on my list is for the whiskey lover. Got ice? No ice? No problem! Try Whiskey Stones.
Made of soapstone, they will keep your drink cold. Just pop in the freezer for an hour or two.  No more watered down whiskey! Available at

Another funky gift? Something legal to get the stoner in your life? How
About some smoking buds? That's right! As in ear buds. Something to help you get comfortably numb! At WWW.BESTBUY.COM

So there you have it. Some funky gift ideas from my first mobile post! Happy shopping!

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