Monday, December 19, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things..More Gift Ideas.

So the holidays are here, and it's no joke, I'm broke. Not much in my gift budget this year, but I decided to post some of my favorite (and maybe not so favorite, but unique) gift ideas, that won't break the bank . A continuation of my last post, as I aspire to keep my blog posts short and sweet.

Sephora Emergency Kit

 For your favorite girlfriend: because a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Ever have one of those days where you get a run in your stocking, lose your earring back and your nail breaks on the same day you run into your ex-boyfriend ? This gift is one of my favorite picks of the season. Found at Sephora, it is an  emergency kit  by Mr. and Mrs.  click here.  This cute little silver pouch contains an emery board, a tampon (for your other "friend"), a nail polish remover pad,  double sided tape (for loose hems), dental floss, fresh breath drops, Advil,  and
other emergency essentials.  Minimergency® Kit for Her — Silver

 The best thing about it is  smaller and  weighs less than an iPhone. The price? Only thirteen dollars!!! The problem is I want to buy ten of them!
Texting Gloves

Speaking of iPhones, I can't live without mine. I love to text but not in the cold. And did you ever try to use your Rue La La app with frozen fingers? Thankfully someone invented texting gloves. I bought myself a pair from Echo in RED  and LOVE them!! They have some sort of metallic fabric tip at the finger and thumb. The weather outside may be frightful but you will never miss a text, email or sale again , available at Zappos (click here) Lord and Taylor , Bloomingdales and other department stores. Prices range from $23-$48 depending on style . Look for sales!

The Sweet Smell of Perfume
Did you ever get on the train only to realize you are standing next to someone who smells like Febreeze? An even worse scenario is sitting next to the coworker, who at the end of the day, in preparation for her date, sprays an obnoxious amount  perfume across three cubicles that smells like Glade.  Have no fear , because I found the perfect gift to save your senses and perhaps her social life. My favorite designer Tocca, also makes some delicious perfumes. I  never know which one to buy, but now they have little samples of each, with names like Cleopatra and Colette, who can go wrong? Gosh , I wish there a scratch and sniff blog post!
EDP Sampler Box Open
See good things come in small packages and it is only $18.00! Click here for site!

And last but not least.....For the pre-teen who has everything...

The Justin Beiber Singing Toothbrush

I could not make this up if I tried. You have your choice of two Justin Beiber song options on this singing toothbrush which play for two minutes, the recommended brushing time by the ADA. (click here if you don't believe me) 
Because it is only fifteen bucks and when you smile, Justin smiles! Or so the lyrics say.Then again, there is always the ubiquitous gift card!

Happy Holidays to all my fellow faux fashionistas!

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  1. That Bieber brush is insane! Love your choices, Nicole!