Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why write a blog?

I am not a blogger. I don't write blogs, I don't read blogs. I don't follow blogs.  So why did I decided to write a blog detailing my decsion to stop shopping?  Was it the stacks of shoe boxes piled 6 feet high like a cardboard  leaning tower of Pisa about to topple on my head? Or maybe it was clothes in my overstocked closet oozing out  into my living space like some 1950's cult horror film. The real resaon I  decided to write a blog is that in spite of having a closet of beautiful things and looking fabulous  a great deal of the time, I can't pay my  bills .And  likeso  many New Yorkers, residing in one of the world's most expensive cities , I live above my means. It never really bothered me, until my evil creditors due to some banking industry crisis, jacked up my 0% APR's to 15, 18, 21%. And suddenly,despite being fortunate to have maintained employment in a down economy, my bills became harder and harder to pay. Just pay your bills, you say? Well, not so simple. Because I LOVE to shop. I can't stop. It's a form a relaxation, entertainment, stress-reduction and socilaization.  Bloomingdales. Saks and Lord and Taylor  email me  everyday.  They send me free glossy magazines and coupons in the mail. And I think they may even be  following ME on twitter. This blog won't be gloom and doom. I think shopping addiction is a very common yet  minimized affliction. Why? Because unlike drugs, alcohol, gambling , or even sex (poor Tiger), shopping is socially acceptable. Friends admire our cars, jewelry and clothes. We  are supporting our failing economy. And we make the retailers happy.  There are very few supports for us finacially floundering fashionistas. So here I am. to share my laughs , tears and links to all that I want, but probably shouldn't have. I hope you follow along!


  1. Great concept, Nicole! I wish you all the best with the blog; I'm adding you to my subscriptions right now :)
    xoxo Jen Zinn

  2. Nicole, you know I love ya so!! So glad you took the plunge and started writing. You are a brilliant writer!

  3. keep the feedback coming! i am so green!

  4. Cool! Maybe you can turn this into a book. Make a lot of money. Pay your debt off....and shop some more!!!!