Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To Shop or not to Shop?

So a few weeks ago I confide in a close friend about my problem. I learn that her partner eradicated  a massive amount of credit card debt in a relatively short amount of time. So I seek his help to find out about this magic bullet that will solve all my problems. His solution is simple and consists of two parts. First, you need a budget. Budget? "What's a budget?" I ask. Budget is an ugly word. It sounds like an icky bug. My budget is as follows: if you have money to buy something, buy it. If you don't, don't buy it. Or better yet, put it on plastic. If money comes out of the ATM you are good. If not, well, then you are screwed. "I'll think about it" I told him.
The budget idea was a walk in the park, compared to what comes next.  And what came next is precisely what galvanized me to write a silly blog in the first place. Part Two of the master plan?
"You can't buy anything new for a year or two."
Moi, not buy anything for a year? Or two? Surely , he was joking. I had to clarify.
"You mean I can't go shopping at Bloomingdales?"
"Nicole, you can't shop anywhere."
" What about Outlets? Like Woodberry Commons?"
" Nope".
 "What  about sample sale shopping sites- like Rue LaLa or Gilt.. or ...real sample sales?"
" No Way "
 "What about Target..or Kohls? "
The answer was like a death knell.  
" If you want to get out of debt you can't buy ANYTHING non-essential. " he instructed. 
If it worked for him ,maybe it would work for me.
 So hence I began the challenge where  a NYC girl -Carrie Bradshaw -wannabe  can't  always get what she wants, let  alone some of the stuff she needs. Then again , how does one define essential?

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