Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Sample Sale Challenge

Hello again! Been a bad blogger since I was away on vacation and came back with a bout of bad bronchitis!
So here is a mini mobile blog post...

I remain on my shopping detox although I made a purchase or two for my trip (blog post to follow). Hence,my elation and trepidation when a coworker asked me to go to the sample sale of my favorite outerwear designer Mackage. Never heard of Mackage? They are a Canadian based clothing company (www. that recently opened a flagship store in Soho. All the great trendy coats with signature leather belts you envy on those NYC fashionista types? Mackage!! Boy do I hate those girls! Why? Because I don't have one! Why don't I have one? Because I am only a faux fashionista who doesn't have $800 to spend on a trendy winter coat. Every time my friend Nina and I would see a girl in one of these coats, we would mutter "bitch!" under our breath!
One time I actually bought a Mackage from Bloomingdales, but returned it because it was ill-fitting and too expensive. (Or so my husband said when he saw the price tag!)
So I go to the sample sale with my friend/coworker,who has a great fashion sense, and already owns a Mackage (by the way she can be a bitch at times but I couldn't classify her as one). There are hundreds of coats. I try on half a dozen! And they are all half price! $360 for an $800 coat!! With fur! I am in love!!! Ok maybe the fur is fake but who cares! For a deep discount, I can be the girl you love to hate! I can be a Mackage bitch!!!
It's a deal of a century! But then I remember... I have no money. I no longer use credit cards and just paid 3K off my Amex bill. I can't afford to be a bitch right now. I fill out a card to win a free coat in their drawing but don't buy a thing. I leave in my tattered old Burberry as the same old sweet girl I was this morning. I passed the Sample Sale Challenge! Spring is here, but there is always next winter!

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