Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Fall Wish List - What to buy and why.

If you read my Madonna post from last fall... you will remember, I am a summer person. I despise the fall and wear my summer clothes for as long as possible. I mean you practically have to pry my flip flops off my feet with a crowbar.
So this year, when fall snuck up on us Easterners in early September, I was not prepared. Linen dresses sans tights with my beloved sandals did not serve any purpose, aside from causing me to catch a dreadful cold . Hence with a closet full of enough summer stuff to live in a tropical climate year round,  I realized I needed to make a list of items I need, or should I say want that are within my budget. sort of...

The Bag
I am still wearing  my white summer bag. My black Marc Jacobs circa 2009 is in need of repair . But to find a stylish yet affordable bag is hard. But I think this one  from the Michael line of Michael Kors is perfect at a good price. It is roomy without being overwhelmingly large..click here- Jet Set Chain Bag

The Dress
I love dresses . I recently counted how many I own and was shocked . But the answer will be the subject of my my next post. There are so many I love this season, all not within my budget. But I am chanting for a sale to come soon!

Trina Turk Mirren Dress

my favorite is this  Mirren Belted Dress from L.A. Designer Trina Turk . This is in charcoal . I prefer camel which is found in this :link. I would lose the beret  unless the  husband takes me to Paris for weekend .

Milly Cristina Toggle Shift Dress

My ultimate favorite dress designer  is Michelle Smith , founder of Milly. Somehow she combines timeless classic elegance with a modern twist.  Every time I wear Milly I get a compliment . Need I say more? (to see the collection click here)

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Alexandria Knit Sleeveless Dress
DVF Alexandria Knit Sleeveless Dress

Diane von Furstenberg. anything she designs is on my list. As long as I can squeeze into  it . The red  can brighten my mood on a dark dismal day. click only if there is money in your bank account

This is a slightly more affordable option . I love it , the front is plain , but I am enamoured with the detailing in the back. Alas ,still not in my budget. I will be stalking those sales...This can be found at Anthropologie. (click here) . And guess what I majored in in college? Anthropology! click here..to go to site

Sweaters ... if you must

Thousand Carat Pullover
Some people love "sweater weather" not me. But if I am forced to bundle up, this cute sweater, also from Anthropologie, is a good transition piece. Light and airy, it is perfect for early fall days, but is whisper thin wool pointelle. I like the orange autumnal color, but it also comes in green or cream and has a back zipper. It was on sale but I did not buy it.. sigh

Burberry Sweater
I saw this in the window of the new Burberry Store on the Upper West Side of NYC. I was scared to ask how much. but I took a photo with my iphone, so I  can keep on looking at it .So what if it is not on my body?My guess is about $500, but if  is not made of acrylic, I would say a least a grand.

 Last but not least ..BOOTS

I am still paying off my three pairs from last year. But I am coveting something with a chunky heel.

prada boots
I love this from Prada , but can't spend two weeks of pay. so looking for a knock off .  like theese from Stuart Weitzman which would set me back , just a week and a half's salary! Stuart Weitzman Chunky Heel...Only kidding!-not buying them..unless they go on sale!

Looking for feedback and links to knockoffs of my coveted items! Stay tuned for next blog posts when I reveal how many dresses I own and disclose what I actuaklly purchased this fall..if anything!
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